About the Company

We believe in affordable quality

Interpack is a leading Namibian Beverage Manufacturer
based in Windhoek. Our own popular beverage brands
consist of Vita Juice, Tropizone Aqua, CreeMEE Dairy Fruit Blend
Concentrates, Interpack Nectar Concentrates, Nawaa Yogy
Shake, Mageu and Oshikundu, Supa Omasi, Nami Squash,
Mixi Cordial and Candi Soda. We are also the National
Distribution Partner for Red Bull.

Our dynamic and efficient workforce, including our sales and marketing teams, ensures only the best service to our customers.


Interpack started business in 1994 as a small fruit juice packaging company and gradually grew and expanded to become one of the largest fruit juice suppliers in Namibia. Our production plant in Windhoek boasts with the latest fruit juice processing and bottling equipment, using only the latest packaging processes and complying with stringent health and safety regulations.